The Bourbon Life: Our Story

The Bourbon Life began in December 2018 as an outlet for a lifelong Kentuckian who was extremely passionate about three things: (1) Kentucky, (2) Bourbon, and (3) Photography.

The Bourbon Life Instagram site was the perfect platform for Mark to share his love of his home state, its most iconic product, and his favorite hobby.

What started as an escape from the daily grind of being an attorney turned into a creative endeavor that has grown exponentially in just a little over two years into one of the largest Bourbon Instagram sites in the world.

Meeting with new friends who shared his passion, Mark and Matt decided to team up and launched The Bourbon Life Podcast in February 2020. Dedicated to bringing the stories of the people who are involved in the industry to their listeners (and to having a lot of fun at the same time) The Bourbon Life Podcast has quickly grown to become one of the Top Bourbon Podcasts in the world.

But we’re not done yet.

The Bourbon Life’s mission is simple – to share our passion for all things Bourbon with you. And we will continue to pursue that mission by being your online source for all things Bourbon – Events, Tastings, Reviews, News, Video, Podcasts, and anything and everything else in-between.

Thank you for stopping by. We truly appreciate your support and we welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can make your next visit with us ever better.

Until then, may your glasses always be full and may you keep on living The Bourbon Life.

bourbon barrels in rickhouse