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Happy Repeal Day, ya filthy animals.

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I recently received these two bottles from @brainbrewwhiskey - Dexter Three Wood Bourbon and Paddle Wheel Bourbon finished with 200 year old Oak & European Oak.

To be honest, I’m not familiar with either of these but since the @ultimatespiritschallenge awarded the Paddle Wheel ...Bourbon 95 points and named the Dexter Bourbon as one of the top 12 Bourbons in the world, to say that I’m extremely curious now is an understatement.

I’m looking forward to cracking both of these open and finding out what they’re all about.

I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Thank you, Brain Brew Whiskey, for sending these very cool looking bottles to The Bourbon Life.

Have you ever had Dexter Bourbon or the Paddle Wheel Bourbon?

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Here's this week's review from the man who will not accept your Bourbon balls if you try to share them with him, our man Chad from @mydailybourbon.

Be sure to check out @mydailybourbon for lots of other great videos and reviews daily....

Stellum Bourbon
Proof: 114.98
Age: NAS
Distillery: @barrellbourbon / @stellumspirits
Mashbill: N/A
Nose: Allspice, apricot, black pepper, banana...

To read the rest of Chad's review (and you definitely need to) check out the "Bourbon Reviews" section on the LinkTree in our Profile.

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You never know what might turn up in the mail when you take an online quiz.

A little while back @jimbeamofficial had a “Find Your Flavor” quiz on Insta and I took a few minutes to fill it out.

A couple of days ago I got this fun kit from Beam that included 2 highball ...glasses, a Jim Beam ice cube mold, an orange, a can of Tonic Water, and a recipe card for a Jim Beam Orange Highball (with a code to buy Jim Beam flavors on minibar).

With the temps here in #bourboncountry feeling more like late Summer/early Fall instead of winter over the last few days, I decided to give the recipe a try so I mixed up a few Jim Beam Orange Highballs today for myself and Mrs. Bourbon Life.

I’m usually not a flavored Bourbon fan but this is actually an Orange liqueur infused with Bourbon.

And it’s pretty damn tasty.

But as good as this highball is all I can think about is making an Old Fashioned with this Jim Beam Orange and awesome it’s gonna taste.

Have you ever tried Jim Beam Orange?

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In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast presented by @bespokenspirits, Matt and Mark spend some time with James Wood (@fromwood2silva), Brand & Sales Manager, from Huber’s @starlight_distillery.

The guys talk with James about how a career in bartending and retail spirits and sales opened the door for him with Starlight Distillery, the amazing growth that Starlight Distillery has experienced as a result of his efforts promoting the brand on social media, and what the future looks like for him and the Distillery.

They also taste and review Starlight Distillery’s Old Rickhouse Rye, their Carl T. Huber Indiana Straight Bourbon, and their Sherry Barrel Finished Carl T. Huber Bourbon.

This Episode was a lot of fun for the guys to record.

If you’re not familiar with Huber’s Starlight Distillery you definitely need to be as they are rising quickly in the industry and creating some amazing Bourbon and Rye.

Link to Episode in Profile LinkTree.

This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is presented by Bespoken Spirits, and sponsored by @liquor_barn_ky, @penelopebourbon, @countrysmooth, @thestavekentucky Restaurant, @freyranchdistillery, @threechordbourbon, @spiritsoffrenchlick, and @davidsonreserve.

📸: @starlight_distillery

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Ep. 94 (Sn 2, Ep 48) - F Paul Pacult - America's Premier Spirits Authority, Author, & Master Blender

I picked up a pretty awesome surprise at the mailbox today!

Last year’s Edition of @barrellbourbon ‘s New Year Bourbon was absolutely incredible and I’m looking forward to getting into this one this evening.

Merry Christmas to me!!

Thank you, Barrell Craft Spirits,... for sending this bottle. I really appreciate it.

And now I know the answer to that age old question - what are you doing New Year’s Eve?

I’ll be drinking this 115.34 Proofer.


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I received this Certificate in the mail today.

It’s such a huge honor, and still extremely humbling, to have been awarded double gold by the @barleycorn_awards for The Bourbon Life Podcast.

And thank you all for your support as well.

Matt and I truly appreciate it. ...

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This is for all the @ukfootball fans out there!

Now that we have Coach Stoops locked down for a few more years we can all celebrate.

And I think this statue is a necessity now at Commonwealth Stadium.

Hat tip to @ksr_ig for creating the golden statue. I added the ...@wellerbourbon 12 because we all know that Stoops loves his Bourbon.

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