Old Forester’s Master Taster Jackie Zykan broke the news yesterday that a new limited release bourbon series will be available starting today – 3/24/2021. Old Forester 117 Series: HIGH ANGLES’ SHARE BARRELS KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY. This release will be available at the distillery and select Kentucky retailers.

Batch No.001 comes in at 110 proof in 375ml bottles.


Her Statement:

“Did you feel it? The shift? Because today is different. The reality I fell asleep to last night died with the closure of my eyes. And when I awoke the world I arose into is one where women are one step closer to being respected, to being valued, and their success normalized.
But we are far from done. We are still fighting an active uphill battle to get to a place where collectively we can all agree that it isn’t a big deal for a girl to get her name on a label.
It is after all merely ink on paper on adhesive on glass. It is only our individual perception that assigns meaning to it, in loving or hateful ways. I look forward to the day when it isn’t news worthy only in March because it pertains to a woman. The day where instead, it pertains to a human and as such is assigned meaning based on that particular human’s contribution to it. That future landscape where it’s so damn normal to see all humans in all roles because they’ve followed their passions and not their “should’s”, and we’ve moved on to talking about bigger and better things. Such as how good the whiskey actually is. Because I can most certainly testify – it is.

It isn’t gloating and it isn’t pride. It isn’t ego driven one bit and if it seems that way I challenge you to dig deeper and see a wider scope. This isn’t about me. This is about every single person who is a part of this dream we refer to as life. It’s about every person feeling empowered to do whatever makes their soul happy, regardless of what automatically triggers self doubt.
I hope the shift I feel today resonates with everyone, a shockwave that blasts across the earth, and every single one of you feels the energy it brings and every single one of you goes into your day choosing to follow what feels right for you and know that those feelings are absolutely valid.

Now go slay. And don’t apologize for it. ❤️

Available at Old Forester Distillery and select KY retailers beginning tomorrow.”


Here at The Bourbon Life we want to congratulate Jackie on her new release!