Proof: 104

Age: NAS

Distillery: Four Roses



Nose: Allspice, red apple, black pepper, toffee, caramel, oak, cinnamon sugar, clove, honey, pipe tobacco, vanilla.

Taste: Buttery/Metallic mouthfeel. Leather, charred oak/tannins, pipe tobacco, apple, brown sugar, earthy, floral, molasses, baking spice, vanilla

Finish: Medium length. Baking spice, pipe tobacco, and oak tannins greet the palate with a quick rush of red apple and honey.

The cinnamon and brown sugar hang around for awhile, while the sweeter notes such as vanilla and apple quickly trail off. Mid to back palate is a nice melding of honey suckle, just a hint of molasses, and leather. The only complaint about the finish is that it could be a tad longer.

Overall: I love this bottle. This is a combination of 6 amazing recipes and it is sold at such a ridiculous price point.

This bottle was more enjoyable, to me. than the 2020 Small Batch Limited Edition. I know the 2020 SBLE had age going for it, but this has the flavor! You get a little bit of everything and it’s the right amount of it too.

Every part of this profile seem well thought out and executed perfectly. This has such a ripe and fruity nose with just the right touch of pipe tobacco and spice, I could honestly nose it all day long.

When you bring the palate into play, it just shines even more! Rich baking spice, oak tannins, leather, the added fruity sweetness, with a hint of floral notes – seems like it may be overwhelming but it is not.

This pour is only as complex as you make it and just gets more enjoyable as you dig.

Rating: 8.1/10

Value Rating:8.5/10

Total Score:8.3/10