Proof: 100

Age: NAS 

Distillery: Buffalo Trace

Mashbill: MB1


Nose: Almond, Black Pepper, Butterscotch, Charred Oak, Burnt Caramel, chocolate, Clove, Honey, Leather, Tobacco, Apple, Cherry, Burnt Match, Vanilla.

Taste: Velvety/Creamy. Coffee, Leather, Tobacco, Brown Sugar, Honey, Butterscotch, Prune/Raisin, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg,

Finish: Medium length. A huge punch of brown sugar and butterscotch on the front of the palate, which quickly turns to dried fruit and leather. The prune/raisin notes linger for the full duration of the finish, with notes of tobacco, cinnamon, and nutmeg sprinkled along the way. The finish ends with just the right amount of charred oak and vanilla, but I wish it would retain the delicious brown sugar and butterscotch from the initial taste.

Overall: I love EHT Small Batch. Who doesn’t, right? It is regular Buffalo trace, but up a notch. Nothing is over the top or pungent in anyway, shape, or form, it is just a solid ass bourbon. Like most people, I enjoy BT products. They have everything you look for in a bourbon, but without being over the top. The one gripe I have is that I want more. I want a longer finish, I want a slightly stronger punch on the first sip, and I want it to drink like 100 proof. EHT Small Batch drinks around 90 to 94 proof, with a finish that matches.

For the money, you can’t beat this bourbon. If you like butterscotch, its for you. If you like dried fruit, its for you. If you like baking spice, its for you. The price now resides around $45 retail at most places, when just 2 years ago, this was sub $40. Even still, I think this is a solid pour that just can’t be beat given it is supposed to be, on average, 9 years old. I adore Bottled in Bond bourbons because that is just a good standard to me, especially when something is as dressed up as this bottle.


Value Rating:8/10

Total Score:7.8/10