Proof: 86

Age: Minimum of 6 months

Distillery: Hillbilly Spirits

Mashbill: N/A


Nose: plastic, ethanol, corn, green tea, grass

Taste: corn, vinegar, grass, hay

Finish: bad.

Overall: This isn’t a serious review by any means. Well, yes it is. This was a gift from my mom for fun. She wanted to give me something I wouldn’t buy and she was right. This reaps of cashing in on bourbon because Bourbon is popular. I’m not sure how this company can spend money on this product and be okay with it. Sometimes reviews like this one are needed so you can avoid actually buying something without reading the back label.

I’m assuming that this is sourced juice because it doesn’t mention anywhere on the back label a state of distillation.

This cost my mom $25 and I’m sorry she had to spend that. I’m sorry for the store that carries it. I’m also sorry that a distributor has to represent this.

Check back next week for something that costs $25 that you and I can both enjoy, Buffalo Trace.

Rating: .1/10

Value Rating: 0/10

Total Score: Do not buy/10