Proof: 90

Age: 7-8 year

Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Mashbill: MB1


Nose: Allspice, apple, sweet caramel, corn, floral, cherry, clove, light grape, honey, light leather, sweet oak, dried red fruit, vanilla.

Taste: Thin/Silky mouthfeel. Apricot, brown sugar, leather, light spiced tobacco, caramel candy, grape, peach, molasses, artificial vanilla, hazelnut, corn.

Finish: Medium length. Very sweet finish. Notes of cherry, molasses, and sweet oak greet you very nicely up front. The super sweet artificial vanilla packs a punch mid palate, almost has that Splenda thing going on, before some of the floral notes help back it down. Light tobacco, dried fruit, cinnamon, and brown sugar round it out for a sweet – but still pleasing finish.

Overall: who doesn’t love BT?! It’s one of the staples that got me into sipping bourbon neat. It’s sweet enough that it mixes well with cola, doesn’t lose a lot of flavor with ice, and is soft enough to begin sipping neat with its 90 proof.

I mostly only drink BT Bourbon in store pick form now. The reason being is that I moved onto other things that checked the boxes for me. Sure a Buffalo and Coke is nice occasionally, but I wanted to expand my palate. Normal BT isn’t the most complex whiskey, but it has enough depth – that I can understand why people would drink this as a daily “no thought” sipper.

For me, these days, it is just too sweet. I still love the juice, but I won’t be pounding back glasses of this like I did several years ago. Priced appropriately, when you can find it (how sad is that to read), this is always going to be a great addition to your bar and should be a staple.

You may not love it, but I’m sure there is something you enjoy about the soft mouthfeel and the overall sweetness it brings to the table.

I’ve always wanted to call this bourbon “Jack Daniel’s for Kentucky” because it has that same feel to me. It does exactly what it should and nothing else.

Rating: 6.6/10

Value Rating: 9/10

Total Score: 7.8/10