Proof: 99.2

Age: 4 and 5 year rye

Distillery: Virgil Kaine | Lowcountry Whiskey Co.

Mashbill: N/A


Nose: Dill, fresh hay, chocolate, burnt caramel, fresh ground coffee, strawberry, ginger, malt, pineapple, vanilla, tobacco, mint.

Taste: Buttery/silky mouthfeel. Green tea, chocolate, beer malt, dried fruit, strawberry, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, leather, dried tobacco, fresh mint, brown sugar.

Finish: Medium length. Mint and dill hit the tip of the palate and instantly change into chocolate and malt. The beer finish shows through more now that the bottle has been open for some time, adding the depth I wanted initially upon my first review. Baking spice, leather, dried fruit, and tobacco leaves lay a nice foundation and pair so well with the undertones of the portion that was finished in the beer barrels.

The thick and buttery mouthfeel coat my entire mouth and leave a nice and pleasant burn. For such an odd proof point, it finishes perfectly. It doesn’t dwell too long and it’s not too short. The earthy rye notes aren’t prominent in the finish – but the dried fruit and tobacco notes are the real winners here!

Overall: This is a crazy good and unique bottle. It has a little bit of everything. I can’t say it’s balanced, but everything works together so well – kind of.

The start of this reads as a rye whiskey but quickly changes into something else. This is a blend of 3 rye whiskies – a 5-year, a 4-year double barrel, and a 4-year chocolate porter finish. With the added wood finishing it makes sense that this comes off with the sweet notes that it does.

When I first cracked this bottle the chocolate wasn’t nearly as strong as it is now. Now……it is AMAZING! I am quite upset that I don’t have this in my area. This was sent to me by Virgil Kaine to review and I wish there was more stuff like this on the market.

Spice, dried fruit, earthiness, chocolate malt beer funk = my perfect rye. This could probably be called my perfect rye at the moment. For $65-$70 this is an easy buy for me. It’s unique, it’s good, it’s well blended, and stands out from the crowd.

Rating: 7.3/10

Value Rating: 8/10

Total Score: 7.65/10