Proof: 106.94

Age: 5 years

Distillery: Old Dominick

Mashbill: 52/44/4


Nose: Almond, butterscotch, caramel, fresh cedar, bakers chocolate, dried cherry, milled corn, nutmeg, honey, hazelnut, leather, pipe tobacco, light vanilla.

Taste: Buttery/silky mouthfeel. One of the best mouthfeels I’ve ever had on a whiskey, especially at 5 years old. Brown butter, dark brown sugar, chocolate covered cherry, damp leather, sweet clove pipe tobacco, cardamom, cinnamon, hint of black tea, black pepper, molasses.

Finish: Medium length. Hold cinnamon and brown sugar hit the tongue, changing into a decadent chocolate covered cherry, with a hint of honey and molasses. Undertones of leather and pipe tobacco stick with you as it sits on the tongue hitting each corner of the palate. I wish it was a longer finish. The waves of flavor dissipate rather quickly but the sensation from the high rye sticks around and earns it a few points due to the pleasant baking spice left behind. It’s not overly complex, but there is enough depth to satisfy my needs.

Overall: Love this bottle! This is a single barrel, so this won’t be 100% true for another single barrel. The super high rye content in this leaves a lasting impression as some of the best MGP distilled juice I’ve ever had. 44% rye grain seems like it would melt your tastebuds off to most people or that this would be borderline rye whiskey, but the corn does it’s job in keeping things sweet. I purchased this from for $47.99 before tax and shipping. That is a steal!

I’ve spent over twice that for regular 5 year MGP straight up sourced, rebottled, and sold by other brands. OldDom contract distills with MGP and for good reason. Their juice is awesome!

For the flavor you get from this pick, for the money, you cannot beat it. Loads of baking spice, pipe tobacco, sweet molasses, brown sugar, caramel, butterscotch – i could go on and on. This bottle earns a 10/10 for value for sure!

Flavor is there, finish is good enough for the money, the nose is perfect for someone who wants decadence and depth, and it’s slept on. What more can you ask for?

Rating: 8.1/10

Value Rating: 10 /10

Total Score: 9.05/10