Proof: 90

Age: 2.5 years

Distillery: TN Distilling Co.

Mashbill: N/A


Nose: Sawdust, citrus, raisin, corn bread, hay, black tea with honey, coconut, light musty oak, sweet caramel, brown sugar, vanilla.

Taste: Thin/subtle mouthfeel. Brown sugar, sweet caramel, shortbread with dried fruit, honey, light maple syrup, cardamom, cinnamon, slight bitter oak, sweet vanilla.

Finish: Medium length. Cinnamon, honey, and shortbread greet the palate, followed by some raisins and brown sugar for a sweet – dessert like profile. Followed by that with some grain showing itself, leading to a slight herbal/tea note with bitter oak and vanilla. Not super balanced, but about as balanced as a 2.5yr TN whiskey can be.

Overall: After having this the first time, I was a huge fan of it, but it surpassed my expectations. This is a sweet, dessert like pour. It comes with a few caveats, however, like price point.

This bottle has a retail price of $50. $50 for 2.5 year whiskey. If this was a craft brand who distilled it themselves – I would say buy it and support the little guy! But this is a product meant to appeal to the Elvis diehard who has to have everything with his likeness attached to it.

The Tennessee whiskey sourced is from a great distillery who crafts great juice! This is a light, delicate, and dessert of a pour – but this isn’t something that I would go out of my way for.

The baking spice and shortbread notes are honestly what keep me curious here, but all in all, it is somewhat of a mediocre whiskey with a hefty price tag. Sell this for $25 and I would be able to stand behind it!

Nothing against the brand, or the PR company who provided the bottles for the purpose of a review – this is tailored and meant to sit on a bookshelf with a velvet Elvis on the wall next to it.

Rating: 5.2/10

Value Rating: 3/10

Total Score: 4.1/10