Proof: 93.7

Age: NAS

Distillery: Barton 1792

Mashbill: 74/18/8

Price: $25+


Nose: Banana bread, cracked pepper, fresh clove, caramel, cherry syrup, burnt orange peel, light floral, vanilla cream, charred oak.

Taste: Sharp/tannic mouthfeel. Light corn, green tea, black pepper, clove, charred oak, light rye grain, brown sugar, banana bread, cinnamon, dried dark fruit, bold vanilla bean.

Finish: Medium-long length. Light grain and clove hit the tongue with a nice punch and dissolve into bold cinnamon and brown sugar which pairs well with the banana bread note right in the middle. The burnt orange peel really stands out against the leather and dried fruit – really reads like a finish from a good old fashioned, lastly turning into a nice bold punch of vanilla bean to seal it all in.

Overall: I love this bourbon. Love it! But when sitting down to analyze it, you realize it is just a damn good $25 pour. It doesn’t do crazy things or lead you valleys of flavor but it is a great flat line of bold nuances.

This is one of the Bourbons that taught me how to enjoy Bourbon neat. It does have a good bit of spice, but the sweeter notes really balance it out across the board. It is a great value that stacks up against some products people hunt for on the allocated front.

Speaking of old fashioned – if you’ve never used this in an old fashioned, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you’re afraid to go so far as to use the 1792 small batch, reach for some Very Old Barton 90.

The finish is great and doesn’t leave me desiring anything else from it, but it makes me realize it is a better daily pour than a treat pour. (Which means I’ll be drinking this more often, especially at its price!)

Rating: 6.7/10

Value Rating: 9/10

Total Score: 7.85/10