Proof: 108.4

Age: 5 years

Distillery: MGP (sourced)

Mashbill: 75/21/4

Price: $40


Nose: Brown sugar, black cherry, toasted oak, tobacco, clove, burnt orange peel, marshmallow fluff, cinnamon, vanilla, mint, rye grain.

Taste: Silky/tannic mouthfeel. Vanilla, citrus, dried cherry, bitter oak, clove, tobacco, brown sugar, coffee, dark chocolate, bold cinnamon, black pepper, caramel, leather.

Finish: Long, long, long finish. Finish starts with a slight punch of ethanol, which quickly dissipates into a strong brown sugar,  caramel, clove medley; then goes heavy on those double oaked notes of coffee, dark chocolate, tobacco, and leather. The citrus finds it’s way in and out of the finish which I actually found very pleasant before ending on a light dried fruit and vanilla note. A long complex finish with great layers that work better than expected.

Overall: for $40(ish) – 5yr double oaked 21% MGP? Hell yeah! That’s an easy decision!

This has your typical MGP low eye notes of light dried fruit, citrus, rye grain, and spice medley – but the double oaking helps add a little more depth than what it usually to be expected.

The addition of the rich oak tannins, leather, and tobacco are always welcomed by me, along with the heavy brown sugar, and that nice dark chocolate note. If I smoked cigars – this would pair with one of them I’m sure.

Glenns Creek puts these out at an awesome price. A double oaked MGP single barrel for this money is almost unheard of these days!

If you like the low rye mash from MGP but want it to have more complexity and depth – for the money, scoop one of these up!

Rating: 7/10

Value Rating: 9/10

Total Score: 8/10