Age: 13 years

Distillery: Jim Beam

Mashbill: N/A

Price: $65(?)


Nose: Bold spice, just a whole spice rack blended together; butterscotch, charred oak, tanned leather, dried fruit, pipe tobacco, light hint of orange peel, molasses, vanilla.

Taste: Thick/Astringent mouthfeel. Dark chocolate, cooked peanuts, raisin, espresso, brown sugar, charred oak, tobacco, creme brulee.

Finish: Long. Long. Long.

The first sip was a quick punch to the senses. The heavy oak presence hits the palate, then changes in to a light sweetness comprised of brown sugar, peanut and dried fruit.

Oak tannins are a bit strong but not overpowering; tobacco and leather show up mid palate with a touch of the brown sugar sweetness balancing out the rich earthy flavors.

The rich creme brulee sweetness at the end with the signature cooked peanut note of a Beam product really rounds out this pour.

Overall: For the age and with as much oak in the profile, it isn’t overdone. Gone are the days of a KC pick over 10 years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still crack and enjoy the ones on hand.

This is a good example of what the balance should be in a well aged pick. Tannins, brown sugar, peanut, and leather are all common notes in KC for me, but this barrel in particular just exceeds all expectations of other picks I have in this age range.

The amount of charred oak with the dried fruit and light citrus create a nice little journey for the senses to enjoy with every sip. If OBC has any of these available, I might need to stock up on a few. I forgot how much I enjoyed this pour and how well balanced it is for a KC pick.

Rating: 8.4/10

Value Rating: 8/10

Total Score: 8.2/10