Proof: 93

Age: NAS

Distillery: Barton Buffalo Trace

Mashbill: MB2

Price: $39.99 (WHEN. IT. WAS. RELEASED.)


Nose: Allspice, green apple, butterscotch, dried cherry, clove, ginger, hay, musty oak, nutmeg, honey, and vanilla.

Taste: Thin/astringent mouthfeel. Buttered corn, black tea, brown butter, dried apricot, clover honey, black pepper, nutmeg, cherry cola, and toasted vanilla.

Finish: Short – medium length. Light spice notes of pepper and nutmeg green the palate with a soft transition into clover honey and caramel. Some very light oak tannins add to the spice which brings forth the dried fruit and standard cherry cola note I find in most all BT products. Light earthen notes of hay and tobacco, followed by some vanilla and honey tea to round out the finish.

Overall: To start – this was a free bottle someone gave me in 2020. They paid retail for it and it had sat unopened and they wanted it to go to someone who would enjoy it. I did enjoy it. I gave the man the 2oz sample he requested when he gave it to me and I’ve enjoyed a pour almost every month since.

You can’t beat Free Fiddy – but the secondary price for this today is crazy. This is a damn good $40 bottle with an average profile.

Being a single barrel, they fluctuate and will all be different. This one had a good light dried fruit note on the palate I really enjoyed, but nosed like a bad craft whiskey. The green apple and floral notes really took it down for me.

Never pay secondary for this – grab yourself some Blanton’s and you’re good. Average score for the bourbon, retail price saved it, but take into account this bottle isn’t around anymore, so 6.6 is my true rating.


Value Rating: 10/10

Total Score:8.3/10