Proof: 90.4

Age:  N/A

Distillery: Woodford Reserve

Mashbill: 70 corn/ 15 distillers malt/ 15 chocolate malt

Price: $129.99 (when released)


Nose: Anise, Burnt Match, Burnt Toast, Caramel, Cedar, Chocolate Powder, Floral, Chocolate covered Hazelnut, Leather, Musty, Tobacco, Walnut.

Taste: Thin/Watery mouthfeel. Apple, Candied Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Fig, Floral, Light Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Black Licorice, Almond, Corn, Grainy, Hazelnut, Nutty, Tea.

Finish: Short length. The finish hits hard with the malt upfront, hints of apple, fig, and honey; followed by cocoa powder, chocolate hazelnut spread, corn flakes, and light leather.

Overall: First, this is a bourbon. It’s a bourbon made with chocolate malted rye. Which then led to the chocolate malt whisper in the 375s.

I remember loving this when it came out. So much so, that I bought a bottle from a friend and pretty much killed it within the week. Maybe it was because it was so polarizing compared to what I was having at that time? But this fell very “meh” to me this time around.

With notes of dark stone fruit, tons of chocolate and hazelnut undertones (very strong Nutella vibes here), the hint of leather if you were to soak leather in a bucket of water and smell it type of leather, and the apple.

This is a high malt bourbon – which I appreciate Woodford doing something out of the norm and always will, but I’m actually glad I didn’t stock up on this. My palate has either changed or it’s not as good as I remember. Very thin mouthfeel and not much depth to the finish, it all lands front to mid palate and then is gone.

Rating: 5.9/10

Value Rating: 5/10

Total Score: 5.45/10