Proof: 126.5

Age:  7yrs 4m 14d

Distillery: Jim Beam

Mashbill: 77/13/10 (rumored)

Price: 89.99


Nose: Allspice, Black Pepper, Charred Oak, Caramel, Cedar, Chocolate, Cloves, Corn, Coffee, Ethanol, Fig, Leather, Musty, Oak, Stone Fruit, Dried Tobacco, Vanilla Bean.

Taste: Sharp/Oily mouthfeel. Brown Butter, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Chocolate, Fig, Molasses, Raisin, Vanilla, Black Pepper, Cloves, Coffee, Leather, Tobacco, Cornbread, Bitter Peanut.

Finish: Medium-Long. Brown sugar, bitter oak, and bold clove hit the palate, vanilla bean, coffee, and stone fruit follow through to lighten the heavy spice and tannic base. Dried tobacco leaf – very much like that of a good cigar, dark chocolate, cornbread, and the signature bitter Beam peanut note. Wood and earthy notes, such as tanned leather, bitter charred oak, clove, and raisin round out the finish to almost come full circle.

Overall:  Hands down – This is the best Booker’s since Kitchen Table in 2018.

This is as balanced as a product like Booker’s can get. Stone fruit, leather, tobacco, bitter oak, and brown sugar are your standard baseline high proof Jim Beam notes and they are married so well with this batch.

People can scoff at the price of Booker’s, I did at first – once it started raising, but in a world of $100 MGP and $300 craft whiskey with foil of the same or younger age, Booker’s is spot on where it needs to be. I challenge anyone to tell me otherwise.

The rich-oily mouthfeel, delicious brown sugar, dried stone fruit, and hefty oak notes push this leaps and bounds above anything from 2019-2021 (FOR ME).

Rating: 8.7/10

Value Rating: 7/10

Total Score:  7.85/10